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Additions & Expansions


Home extensions are a great way to give your family the space they've always dreamed of and add value. The need for more room is one reason many homeowners choose this update, but there's also an aesthetic interest in keeping up with trends or simply wanting something different from their surroundings that can be satisfied through home additions like master bedrooms! Sometimes just adding a small kitchen or bathroom can transform a home.

Master Bedroom Suites

There are many benefits to adding a new master bedroom addition. The most obvious is that it gives homeowners an opportunity for privacy where they can go if the stresses in their everyday life become too much, but on another level this will increase both square footage and property value because you're creating more space within your home!


We all need a little downtime in our lives to recharge and reconnect with those around us, but what if your bathroom doesn't give you this? A space that is inviting enough for self-care or just something quiet where thoughts can go unnoticed while they're still fresh on their mind. This could make the difference between feeling relaxed at home every day after work instead of coming back stressed out because there was no place suitable available

Game Rooms

You've been dreaming of a game room addition for years now. Let us help make that dream come true! Cope Construction & Renovation is ready to provide you with all the amenities needed in order to create an environment where friends, family members or visitors will want to stop by again soon because they know their time spent here will be entertaining. Don't wait any longer!

Home Theaters

Home theater additions are an investment worth making if you want the best media experience at home. You can put as much time and money into your custom-built screening room, but it will be returned many times over in terms of enjoyment from watching movies or playing video games on a large screen with plush seating all around us!

Home Offices

We have helped our customers design and build their dream home offices, from a simple addition to an entire new space. We work with you closely so that your preferences are met in every aspect of designing the perfect office for yourself! We're committed not only aesthetically but also functionally; we'll go above what's expected when it comes down to creativity or user friendliness because these things matter most too - especially if they make working at home more enjoyable (and productive!). Let us aid your project today.

Attic Conversions

There's a reason why attic conversions have been so popular in the past few years. If you're looking for space that is both livable and cost-effective, an attic conversion may be your solution! Unlike many basements which are wet or contain major appliances like furnaces; attics typically offer dry floors with no soundproofing requirements - giving them plenty of potential use cases.


A custom-built sunroom can be whatever you want it to! A place where family and friends gather, work on their latest project or just get away from everything for some peace. They're great as secondary living spaces because they provide quiet places near windows that offer natural light without sacrificing privacy - perfect if someone in your home needs more time alone but still wants company throughout most days.


We don't just build garages, we create spaces that are tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need a garage for the vintage sports car enthusiast in your life or one including a workshop space and extensive storage options - Cope Construction & Renovation can help!

We can also work with you to add:
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