Vinyl Siding

We reveal the back of this New London, PA home with brand new cedar shake vinyl siding installed, show you the provisions we put in for the future deck, and give you a glimpse of the new bay window.

On today's episode of Forever Home, we'll walk you through proper window flashing, how we figure out where to start the siding, and what do with window trim, when you are hard up against an obstacle.

Our team is reframing the bay-window support cavity. We'll show you the water damage under the windows and what caused it. Drew also shows you the pack-out on the meter socket and gives you a detailed look at the cedar shake outside corners.

We had a very productive day today. We did some plumbing and reinstalled the back door. We added new house wrap on the front and now we're preparing to start interior insulation and trim on the new windows.

Are you thinking about replacing the siding on your home but aren't sure which material to go with? This is why vinyl siding is always a great choice.