Is your home located on this map? Don't fall victim to fly-by-night door knocking, hit-and-run, storm chasing, hail-damage SCAMS. We reveal the deep dark secrets of the underbelly of the roofing industry and give homeowners tips to protect their home and their finances from these con-artists calling themselves contractors. Are all storm chasers bad evil people? no... but a lot of them are, and how do you tell the difference? This article will help.

West Grove PA Roofing Contractor
No parent wants to wake up to their child crying, to find water and drywall raining down on their child's bed. Our expert roofing team helps you Protect your family, and your investment in your Forever Home. Hire one of the most reputable West Grove PA Roofing Contractors, to handle your Roof replacement, shingle roof repair, or mystery water leak problem.

In this article, we'll give you a video tour of some of the most frequent complaints we hear from Residents of Penns Manor Drive, in Kennett and share with you the simple solutions to resolve those leaks.

EPDM Flat Roof Contractor near West Grove, PA 19390
EPDM or Rubber Roof installations can fail if they are installed improperly. In this episode, Drew walks you through a porch Flat-Roof repair.

Predictions regarding market forces in 2023
The world changed a LOT in 2022, and with a faltering economy, homeowners are looking for how they can get the most out of their limited money to spend on Home Improvements in 2023 as they work to protect, maintain, and improve their Forever Home. We break down the causes and factors and give real world insights into what categories we think will be popular this year.