Step 5: Virtual Estimates & Project Ballparks
How much will my home renovation project cost?
Thursday, April 30, 2020

Can we schedule an estimate? YES! If you are sitting around the house, watching your kids, and wishing you had more space, thinking about finishing your basement, or dreaming about a new kitchen, grab your smartphone and a tape measure…take some photos of the space, grab a few measurements and send us a message on our Facebook page and we can start working on a ballpark for you. We know that sitting around the house for several more weeks will likely bring some renovation projects to your mind and we're ready to help you design them and provide an estimate.

And it’s a really good idea to do this NOW, like, today. We are in the middle of what is normally our busiest season of the year.   Reputable Renovation and Remodel craftsmen have been completely completely overwhelmed with requests and many won’t even call back or reply to voicemails. There simply aren't enough trusted contractors who survived the shut-down and those who are left aren’t staffed to handle the coming call-volume avalanche. By starting your project with us now, we can possibly go all the way to contract level specifications, collect your deposit, and hold your spot on the waiting list, so that you beat the rush, and know you have someone scheduled to complete your work, on a first-in, first-out basis.

Our Executive Leadership team established a Virtual Estimate System (VES) in the spring of 2016, allowing our office staff to leverage technology to provide free ballparks and estimates, with your help. We simply ask our clients to grab their smartphones, and send us a few wide-shot photos and a description of their project, along with a couple of basic measurements. The fastest way to do this is on Facebook Messenger through our business page. Click this link to start a conversation with our team and we'll explain our efficient, three-step VES process, that will help us, give you the information you're looking for! If you don’t have Messenger on your phone, you can call our office and we’ll talk through your project, and give you an email to send photos to. Our team will then work up your ballpark estimate.

Once we've provided you with a ballpark, our staff is going to start a conversation with you to discuss your Target Renovation Budget.  Your TRB will educate us on what level of materials we should include as we work up our proposal for you. If our clients want to take the next steps, we can discuss our consultation fee and design services, and schedule an on-site proposal meeting with one of the experienced renovation professionals in our field-staff as the present guidance from the governing authority allows (and it's changing daily).

This three-phase VES process has helped to streamline the efficiency of getting projects started by relying more heavily on our office staff, while optimizing our field staff's office workflow and increasing their ability to focus on current contracts in the field. This results in an OUTSTANDING Customer Service Experience for everyone who reaches out to us, regardless of whether or not they choose to move forward with their project, and we have over 150 reviews on Facebook and Google to prove it works.

Let's continue the journey with Step 6: "your Target Renovation Budget"

Step 1: Decide you want to improve your home.
Step 2: Search for a Contractor or learn about us from friends and neighbors or on social media.
Step 3: Read our reviews on Facebook and Google Maps.
Step 4: Contact us with details about your project.
Step 5: VES: Virtual Estimate System, Ballparking your repair, renovation, addition or new construction project.
Step 6: TRB: Target Renovation Budget, dialing in on what features and finishes are most important
Step 7: OSC: On-Site Consultation, Design, or Proposal Meetings
Step 8: Review a Formal Quote or our Home Improvement Agreement
Step 9: Finish your due diligence in screening us...
Step 10: Sign the Agreement and return it with your Deposit
Step 11: Scheduling the work
Step 12: Preparing for your renovation
Step 13: What to Expect during your remodel
Step 14: The Big Reveal


What type of work does COPE provide? Our team is experienced in all manner of new home design and construction, additions, garages, renovations and remodels, along with all types of home repairs. We can assist you with Kitchens, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, New Construction, Custom Homes, Drywall, Plumbing, Electrical work, Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing, Exteriors, mysterious water leaks and more... What Problem can we SOLVE for you?

We're your local team! When we're finished, you'll be proud to say, "It's not just done... It's #CopeBUILT!

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