Bathroom Design Trends Homeowners Should Keep an Eye on in 2020
Thursday, July 9, 2020

Remodeling your bathroom is an easy way to add value to your home. A bathroom remodel can be easy when you hire a professional to do the job and with proper planning, it can be completed quickly.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, we’ve got a list of the latest bathroom design trends that you should be aware of.

Bolder Darker Colors

Many homeowners are opting for darker colors like black in their bathrooms. Grey was the color of choice in 2018 and 2019. Black is the new grey for 2020.

Expect to see this change in many new bathrooms and bathroom remodels. Black has become a popular color for light fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and other fixtures. Choose a matte black or high-gloss black finish for a special touch.

If you are hesitant to add this bold color to the bathroom, try a darker blue instead. Dark blue has a very serene, calming effect and still delivers a very bold look.

Smart Bathrooms

Bathrooms, like many other rooms in homes these days, are going smart. From smart toilets to smart showers, bathrooms are going high-tech.

A smart toilet has features such as seat warmers, automatic lid openers, dryers, deodorizers, and so much more!

If you like to stay on top of the latest gadgets, consider including them into your bathroom remodel. There are smart shower heads, automatic sinks, and smart mini-fridges in today’s high-tech bathrooms. Voice-activated features can turn down the lights when you are in the tub or adjust the temperature so you are not cold when you get out.

Smart gadgets turn your bathroom into a modern-day spa in your home.

Gold Finishes are Making a Comeback

Gold fixtures are back! The latest bathroom remodel trends use shades of brass and gold on sinks toilets and hardware.

If you’re worried about your bathroom looking like your grandma’s, choose a slightly warmer tone. It ads a feel of depth, dimension, and luxury to any bathroom. When polished, these fixtures look very traditional. Or opt for a matte finish for a more modern, sleek look.

Matte finishes also have the added bonus of not showing fingerprints and water spots.

Tie in your new gold finishes with the mirror trim or other accent pieces in the room. Look around and you will see there are lots of options and styles.

Unique Tile Patterns and Shapes

Another one of the latest bathroom trends is for your tile. These days, homeowners are opting for unique tile patterns in the bathroom. New technology is allowing tile makers to create tiles in a variety of new shapes and sizes.

This can add a very interesting accent to your bathroom. Go retro with tile reminiscent of the 70s with a hexagon or diamond shape. Or choose a modern chevron tile.

When these tiles are laid out in an interesting, eye-catching pattern around the backsplash of your sink, it adds color to the vanity.

Tile is a safe choice to liven up any bathroom and make it look new; this is why it is one of our favorite new bathroom trends.

Wood Accents

Bring a touch of the outdoors inside your bathroom. Wooden accents can provide a natural, organic feeling that is very in for 2020. Warmer tones and wood accents are some of the current bathroom trends we love.

You can even choose different colors of wood to complement your bathroom such as white, cherry, or light pine. Wood accent pieces pair nicely with a vintage or industrial bathroom design. They can even help play up the look of a traditional bathroom.

Choose a beautiful wood tone that will bring out the beauty of your new bathroom.

Lots of Storage

If you are tired of messy bathrooms, this next bathroom design trend is for you. Bathrooms that feature simpler storage that helps you keep the space tidy are big in 2020.

Compact storage areas, shelves, and cabinets that are presented stylishly can add to a minimalist look of your bathroom design. Minimalism is thought to reduce stress and help keep you organized.

Having a professional add custom storage to your bathroom is the perfect solution to truly have a place for every item in your bathroom.

Even if your other rooms are not minimalist in nature, a minimalist bathroom can act as a serene space for you to relax. Hidden cabinets and under-the-sink storage helps keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized.

Millennial Pink

If darker colors just aren’t your thing, then your bathroom can look pretty in pink. Colors that pop, like millennial pink, will help brighten up your bathroom and add color to the space. Shades of blush are still some of the most popular shades right now.

Millennial pink looks great in a modern or traditional bathroom. Try adding rose gold-colored fixtures to your bathroom to complete the look. This color is expected to continue to be popular in the next few years, so go ahead and feel safe adding it to your walls.

Big Bathtubs

Nothing says luxury like a huge, oversized tub. Installing a tiny tub is definitely on our list of bathroom trends to avoid. If you are remodeling your bathroom and have the space, take a look at some of today’s modern tubs and opt for a big, standalone bathtub.

The bigger the bathtub, the more space you will have to relax and unwind from your day. Jacuzzi tubs are not as popular as they used to be. We are seeing a shift to larger, standalone tubs.

Geometric Shaped Mirrors

An asymmetrical mirror just might be the piece your bathroom needs to make it appear more modern. Look for unique mirror shapes and sizes.

Shaped frame mirrors have taken over in 2020, so feel free to get creative with your mirror.

Bathroom mirrors highlight the lighting of your bathroom and make your bathroom design look complete and on-trend.

The Latest Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Remodeling your bathroom can be exciting. It’s a great time to check out the latest bathroom design trends and technology and incorporate your favorite looks into your design.

Contact Cope Construction and Renovation today to learn more about the latest bathroom trends of 2020 and how you can incorporate them into your home.