Do Ghosts Open and Close Doors In Your Home?
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Saturday, May 30, 2020

If you have a problem with doors in your home mysteriously opening or closing on their own, it may not be a spiritual problem. More often than not, if the door is closing on its own, that indicates that the hinge jam is not plumb, and the top hinge leans into the door opening. Conversely, if your door opens by itself, the bottom of the hinge jam leans into the door opening. Its also possible that the wall is out of plumb and leans into, or out of, the room.
Check out our recent video on Fixing Door Problems, and some of the photos in our Interior Door's album to learn more.
This customer has been bothered by this door for 14 years, and finally decided he was sick of it, and he wanted it fixed. When we asked him what prompted him to hire us, he remarked, "You guys fix things right the first time. I haven't had to call you back on any of the previous work you've done for me. These other items are still as strong and as solid as the day you repaired them. I've been dealing with this for 14 years. I didn't want the repair to drag on with repeated call-backs."
We're serious when we say,
"It's not just done... It's #CopeBUILT!"
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