4 Finished Basement Ideas You Should Consider for Your Home
Monday, September 14, 2020

If you're ready to re-do the basement in your home, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes the most stressful part of a remodel is the planning.

Whether you're motivated by the need for more space or by the extra time you're spending at home lately, it's a big undertaking. Figuring out which design features and ideas are best for your home is the first step.

Here are some finished basement ideas that will help you get started with your next project.

1. Basement Bar

When you're renovating a basement, one of the best improvements is adding a bar or kitchen area. Not only does it mean fewer trips upstairs, but it also gives your new space a classier vibe.

Even if you don't put in a stove, a bar sink and a mini-fridge are helpful for serving guests. Whether you're having a movie marathon or watching football every Sunday, the extra space for food and drinks really helps.

2. Carpet? To Install or Not

Laminate and engineered hardwood are great options, especially for keeping it clean. Yet carpeting feels so luxurious, and basements can be the coldest part of the house.

The best way to choose is by asking yourself some questions. Here are a few for you to think about:

  • Will I be entertaining a lot in my basement?
  • Is it pretty cold down here or does the heating system work well?
  • Do I have small children or a messy family?
  • Will my guests be messy?
  • Will we be eating a lot down here?

If you're installing a bar or kitchen area when you're finishing a basement, then a mix of carpet and hard floor might be a good idea. The hard floors would work best behind the bar and under the stools in front of it.

3. Finished Basement Ideas: Theater Seating

If you're a movie buff, then installing a home theater may be a dream of yours. When it comes to actually adding stadium seating in the basement theater, though, you may change your mind.

Although the added element of height can be an attractive layout, it also detracts from the feeling of togetherness you get when watching with friends. Stadium seating in your refinished basement also requires furniture that fits on each platform, which means more details to plan.

4. Adding a Bathroom

It's always a good idea to have an extra bathroom, even if it's just a half bath. Putting in another one is a great option to consider for a basement remodel, especially if you're planning to do a lot of entertaining in your new space.

While there can be some challenges with a basement bathroom, like getting the waste up to the right level, you'll overcome these with a few tricks of the trade and chats with the builders. If you're wondering how to finish a basement, then adding a bathroom might be the best way to go.

Maximizing Potential

From your new basement bar and kitchen area to your added bathroom, improving your basement space is a fun project. These finished basement ideas will help you get started scheming, and Cope Construction and Renovation can help with the rest.

Contact us today, whether it's new construction or home repairs you need help with.