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The Big Reveal : What should we expect?
Step 14 : Today is the Day! Are you ready? Are you excited?
Saturday, July 16, 2022

Say it with me, "Bus Driver, Move That Bus!" Okay, maybe it won't be that dramatic, but the Big Day is FINALLY here…Our team is applying that last bit of caulk, the final dab of paint, the last little bit of grout, and cleanup is well underway. We might ask you to monitor the plumbing connections for 2 to 3 days, just to ensure you’ll spot any troublesome leaks that might not show up immediately. And there’s always the possibility that we’ll ask you to allow 24 to 48 hours for various products to fully cure before you begin using your new space, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
If you caught a case of Renovation Fatigue you are probably excited to know you are just a few short hours from writing the final check and kicking us out of your home so you can get back to peace and quiet in your castle. But in your excitement, now is a good time to make some written notes about the journey, or the best parts about working with our team. Take a few photos of the finished space before you move in. While it’s not likely we’re going to assemble your whole neighborhood, roll you up in a limousine, and start chanting, “MOVE THAT BUS,” this is a WIN you are going to want to celebrate for years to come, and it’s a feeling you are going to want to remember.  You worked hard for this.  You saved your money for this!  You deserve to take a few minutes, and a few photos, to ensure you can remember how AMAZING this moment felt, for years to come. 

What should I expect on the final day of the project?

There’s a pretty good chance that Drew or a member of our marketing team will stop by to capture some after photos or some video footage of the finished project for our social media accounts, or if it’s an overcast day, we might opt to wait for better weather and blue skies to take the photos.
If you have any questions about the use or care and maintenance of your new space, it’s a good idea to write them down on a list that you can go over with our field staff or your Project Consultant, as things wind down.
Generally speaking, if you are available at the end of the project, a member of our field staff will walk through the renovation with you, share anything interesting we learned, answer any questions, discuss future care and maintenance instructions and then invite you to give us a five-star review or a video testimonial. These reviews are, of course, optional, but if any team member stood out to you, and you mention them by name in your review or video testimonial, we typically send them an Atta-boy bonus in their check at the end of the week for taking great care of our clients. If you have any questions about the names of our team members involved with your project, please reach out to our office staff and they’ll be happy to help.
It’s a good idea to try to connect with our administrative team about any adjustments for allowances, credits, and change orders for your final invoice before writing out your check. And it’s possible, we may need a couple of days to get the final receipts from our team so that we can fully reconcile your account and provide you with an accurate amount for the final payment. In most cases, you’ll be able to send your final check back to the office in an envelope with our job foreman, but if we need time to do some math, don’t stress out about it… this is totally normal.
Someone will be by to pick up the yard sign within 7 to 10 days after your final payment clears the bank, but if for some reason, you feel we forgot it, simply give our team a call and we’ll make arrangements to send someone by to pick it up.

If you miss us after we're gone, you are in good company.

This may come as a surprise, but while most families are glad to have their homes quiet and peaceful again, we have a few clients who later told us they missed having all the activity… and the home was too quiet after we left. Vic, Donna, Sue, Kelly, Martin, to name a few… If that’s you, it’s never too early to start talking about your next project with us.
We would love to invite you to leave us a Five Star review on Facebook or over on Google Maps sharing with your friends and neighbors what you loved most about the Outstanding Customer Service Experience our team provided and we’d be thrilled to do a short 3 to 5 question, 60 second video interview with you about your experience and give you the opportunity to tell your neighbors that your Proud to say, “It’s not just done… It was COPEBUILT.”
Thank you for taking the time to better understand our process! Our team is excited to get to know you, and help you beautify, maintain and enhance your FOREVER HOME!
If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel and liked and followed our FACEBOOK page, now is a great time to do that. We look forward to serving you soon, and we hope to see you and your project featured on an upcoming edition, of Forever Home!

Step 1: Decide you want to improve your home.
Step 2: Search for a Contractor or learn about us from friends and neighbors or on social media.
Step 3: Read our reviews on Facebook and Google Maps.
Step 4: Contact us with details about your project.
Step 5: VES: Virtual Estimate System, Ballparking your repair, renovation, addition or new construction project.
Step 6: TRB: Target Renovation Budget, dialing in on what features and finishes are most important
Step 7: OSC: On-Site Consultation, Design, or Proposal Meetings
Step 8: Review a Formal Quote or our Home Improvement Agreement
Step 9: Finish your due diligence in screening us...
Step 10: Sign the Agreement and return it with your Deposit
Step 11: Scheduling the work
Step 12: Preparing for your renovation
Step 13: What to Expect during your remodel
Step 14: The Big Reveal


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