DIY: How to Build a Home Bar in Your Basement
Monday, October 5, 2020

Your home is your sanctuary, so what better way to add to it than with a home bar? They're a fun project to take on, and once you're finished with it, you'll be happy you took the time to build it.

While it is a fun project, it can become overwhelming so we're going to give you some pointers on how to efficiently build a home bar so that the process is more manageable.

If you're looking to add a bar in your home then continue reading for our guide on creating the perfect entertainment space in your finished basement!

Create Your Vision

The first thing you should do when building an in-home bar is to create your vision. This is the time to brainstorm and sketch out what you want your bar to look like. Is there a certain style you're going for and how does it fit in with your current area?

You should be as specific and realistic as possible when developing your plan. Take into account the space you're working with and come up with something practical and comfortable.

Carve Out Space

After your vision is clear, you should block off the area that you wish to put your home bar in. Remove any clutter that's around it and begin taking measurements of the space. This will help you shop better and find the right sized pieces.

Buy Materials

Now you're ready to buy your construction tools and bar pieces. You may want to check to see if you have any materials first before heading to the store. After checking your toolbox and storage, make a list of things that you still need such as bar tops, trims, tiles, drills, and caulking guns.

Assemble Your Home Bar

You've created a clear vision, carved out your space, and bought your materials, now it's time to put your bar together.

Start building your home bar by constructing everything from the countertops, sink, to the home bar cabinets. Make sure to sand, seal, and paint where needed. Now, watch your space slowly start coming together.


Now that all the hard work is done it's time for the fun part to begin! After you've built your bar and added all the necessary parts, you can bring it to life with decorations.

That style you added to your vision? Well, this is where you put it in action. Put in your home bar furniture, artwork, TVs, and lighting to really turn it into the bar of your dreams.

Your decorations help set the atmosphere so be intentional about them. You want your space to be both a reflection of you and a place a refuge.

Build a Home Bar Today; Bottoms up Forever!

You could call a professional but it's very possible to build a home bar on your own and we hope you found our tips helpful in doing so.

Will you be taking on a new project of adding an in-home bar to your basement any time soon? We promise it'll make your next gathering your best one!

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