How to Finish the Basement in 5 Easy Steps
Monday, October 12, 2020

When thinking about a finished basement, you may focus on dream features, such as a basement bar or theater seating. Those luxuries are the reasons most people finish their basements.

For others, you may want an expanded living area. After all, putting the kids and their gaming systems in the basement can help limit the noise upstairs in the living room.

Of course, the whats often takes second place to far more essential hows. Knowing what you want in a basement doesn't address how to finish the basement. Keep reading for a few key steps you must address for your finished basement.

1. Finish Basement Walls

You may well end up putting up 2x4's and drywall in your basement. A lot of people do that to make the space feel more like the upstairs spaces. Before you start putting wood and drywall near those concrete block walls, you should probably seal the walls.

Basement walls prove notoriously damp and some leak outright. You should repair any cracks and apply a basement sealer to the blocks. You typically apply the sealer with a roller, just like applying paint.

2. Finish Basement Ceiling

You must also give the basement ceiling some consideration. In most basements, the "ceiling" is little more than exposed floor joists. A drop ceiling offers a comparatively simple installation that hides pipes and wiring but keeps them accessible.

You can also install drywall on the ceiling, which lets you paint to match the walls. You give up that easy access to pipes and wiring with drywall.

3. Finish Basement Floor

You can a couple of different paths with basement flooring. Many people go with tile because it makes cleaning simple. Tile also endures water exposure better than the other options.

If you're very confident about the moisture sealing in the basement, engineered wood flooring or even carpet can give your basement a warmer feel.

4. Finish Basement Stairs

When it comes to basement stairs, you'll typically end up with one of two options. Option one, the stairs will get the same flooring as the room above. Option two, the stairs get whatever type of flooring the basement gets.

Your own tastes will decide this one for you.

5. Electrical Work

Any finished basement will likely need some wiring work. Call in a professional electrician or use a contractor for that work. Unlicensed electrical work can create all kinds of problems later when you try to sell the home.

How to Finish the Basement? A Step at a Time

You won't find any big mystery around the question of how to finish the basement. You take it a step at a time and make sure you hit the essentials.

Seal the walls and floors. Get professional electrical work done. In fact, use professionals for any part you're not confident about.

Beyond that, let your personal style shine through in the choice of color, flooring type, and even what kind of ceiling you get.

Thinking about finishing your basement but need some help? Contact Cope Built today for more information or questions about our services.