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Energy Efficiency and 5 More Window Trends to Know for 2021
Monday, December 21, 2020

Most Americans pay about $111 on energy bills each month. While that doesn't seem like too high of a number, there are always opportunities to lower these costs.

People are talking more and more about energy-efficient homes and saving on their utility bills, but what does all that mean? What are people doing to make their homes more energy efficient?

One way homeowners are achieving energy efficiency is through windows. In this article, we'll be looking at what energy-efficient windows are and 5 other window-related trends that you should know going into 2021.

What is Energy Efficiency?

But what does energy efficiency really mean?

In simple terms, energy efficiency is about spending less energy to get specific tasks done. The goal of energy efficiency is to avoid expensive energy bills and pollution.

In recent years, businesses, homeowners, and corporations began recognizing the financial and environmental benefits. That's why they're building more energy-efficient homes that also save them big on monthly bills.

This trend looks to continue in 2021, so let's discuss how it applies to home windows.

Energy Efficient Windows

One of the most popular energy-efficient items on the market is eco-friendly windows. They reduce your energy usage by insulating your home while simultaneously fitting its overall look.

Many have taken up vinyl windows because of their air-tight construction and insulated glass design. It's also an affordable option that many are going to take up in 2021.

If you live in a rainy area, aluminum windows keep humidity out while protecting your home from heavy rain. Wooden windows are great at resisting heat transfer, meaning you won't have to crank your AC units or heaters.

5 More Window Trends for 2021

Homeowners will certainly be looking for the best energy-efficient windows in 2021, but what are some other trends to take note of? These are 5 other window designs, styles, and features that you should take note of going into the new year!

Organic Window Treatments

Energy-efficient curtains and window treatments are all the rage for those that don't need new windows just yet. Bamboo, linen, or woven woods are becoming inexpensive yet effective energy efficient window solutions in 2021.

Windows as the Focal Point

A lot of homeowners are building houses and renovating rooms so that their windows take center stage. This stylistic choice is also an energy-efficient one, as you'll need to use less lighting in a room with big windows.

Motorized Window Treatments

Want a quick and efficient way of getting some light in your room? Motorized window treatments let you control when you want to open up your blinds and shades with a press of a button.

Earthy Tones

In keeping with the energy-efficient and sustainable framework, a lot of homeowners are taking up earthy looks for their windows. Lavenders and pastel greens are becoming popular styles for homeowners in 2021.

Less Work No-Fuss Vinyl

We talked earlier about how vinyl is an excellent energy-efficient window option. It's also a low-maintenance solution that doesn't need constant cleaning or staining. Vinyl is therefore a hands-off energy-efficient solution.

Windows That Elevate Your Home

Investing in new windows and window treatments are excellent ways of boosting your home's energy efficiency. Leverage these window trends to save big on your energy bills going into 2021!

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