Planning a New Bathroom? 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid
Monday, April 5, 2021

Building a new bathroom can be exciting. There are so many tiles, taps, and decorative options available nowadays. But if you do not get the basics down, your new bathroom could be a disaster.

The last thing you want is a bathroom that does not fulfill the essential requirements!

Here are the top bathroom mistakes that a lot of homeowners overlook. You can learn from the mishaps of others and get some new bathroom ideas, too.

1. Not Considering Layout

Is it a good idea to change up your bathroom's layout for the sole reason of wanting to change it?

Most bathrooms are small and compact. When starting small bathroom renovations, it is important to think about the layout. The door needs to open and close without any obstructions, and moving pipes can be a headache.

Do not reinvent the wheel. If your current bathroom layout works for you, consider keeping it that way.

2. Overlooking Privacy

Privacy is so important in new bathroom designs for obvious reasons.

You still need natural light in your new bathroom but have a plan in place for privacy. Will you fit a frosted window or put up some cool shutters or blinds?

Also, think about fitting a frosted shower screen or make sure you have a shower curtain rail.

3. Forgetting About Storage

You might store your towels and cleaning supplies in a linen closet or your kitchen. But chances are there are a few things you would like to store in your new bathroom too.

Do not forget about storage when planning your bathroom renovations. The easiest solution is to choose a sink with a counter to store extra toilet rolls, toothpaste, and medicines.

But you may also need a toothbrush holder, an organizer for your shower supplies, and space for your laundry hamper.

Make use of your wall space for storage. But do not store things so high you cannot reach them!

4. Using the Wrong Tiles

Did you know that some floor tiles do not make good wall tiles, and vice versa? It is a common mistake to use the wrong bathroom tiles. Check with a professional before you buy.

Also, think about what grout color will go best with your tiles. And if you have an intricate tile design, plan it first! Caring about the details will make your new bathroom look much better.

5. Not Checking Everything Is Secure

And when your new bathroom is ready and looks amazing, check everything is a-okay. Run the bath and sink to check for leaks and flush the toilet, too.

Check the ventilation and fan system is working as it should be, and run the shower for a few minutes. And also, check your heat warms up the entire bathroom!

Do these checks as soon as your contractor has finished so you can address any issues straight away.

Avoid These Common New Bathroom Mistakes

Fitting a brand new bathroom is an exciting opportunity to build the bathroom of your dreams. And if you avoid these common bathroom renovation mistakes, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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