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Renovation Planning: Common Things That Are Often Overlooked When Renovating Your Home
Monday, April 12, 2021

Remodeling or renovating your home, or part of it, is a huge commitment of your time and money. It is important to do your homework and do your renovation planning well!

You do not want to overlook something important that you might regret later.

Your home is somewhere you spend most of your time, so it pays attention to the finer details. These are some of the most common aspects of home renovations that many overlook.

And by learning from other's mistakes, you might get some home renovation ideas too!


Homeowners who are tackling a big project themselves may forget to apply for the necessary permits. Or at least check if they need one!

Professional home renovation contractors deal with permits all the time to know when they are or are not needed.

Large-scale projects like putting in a new deck, taking out a wall, or even putting up a fence might warrant a permit. Every state and project is different. It is better to check and be safe than start knocking down walls without permission.


When you move into a new place, you take the light for granted. The windows are already fitted, and the light fixtures are in place. The only thing you need to worry about is changing the light bulbs.

But if you are expanding your house or switching up some of the rooms, part of your renovation planning should include figuring out the light.

Work out the best walls to install windows so that the natural light can shine through. And plan as many light fixtures as you need so that every corner of your house is lit up.


Too many homeowners get sucked into the beautiful houses on Instagram when planning their home renovations. Many of these homes have a different layout and are often way bigger.

Do not choose style over substance, and do not forget about your storage requirements!

It is easy to store your stuff when you have endless amounts of space. Be realistic. What does your lifestyle look like, and what do you need to make room for?


Utilities is a "dull" topic, which is why it gets overlooked. But you need to consider where your plumbing and electrics are going to go when you plan your home renovations.

This is an important consideration when working on your kitchen or bathroom renovation plan, in particular. It is great you want a fresh new kitchen, but not if you can't hook up your sink or oven.

Little Details

Last but not least, so many overlook the little details. These could be things like:

  • Baseboards
  • Light switches
  • Grout color
  • Cabinet handles

They are not the most vital, and they are easy to fix. But these special touches will help elevate your home and make your renovation look much more professional.

Don't Make These Renovation Planning Mistakes

Make your scrimping and saving worth the effort by doing the proper renovation planning. You want to look back at the finished product and feel proud of all your hard work, not curse your errors in judgment.

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