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Home Theater Ideas: Blockbuster Design Tips
Monday, April 19, 2021

Of the many changes that occurred over the past year, one of the most dramatic was the major shakeup in the movie industry. With theaters shut down — many permanently — more homeowners than ever are looking for ways to recreate the experience in their home.

The good news is, doing so is easier than you might think! Start with these five home theater ideas.

1. Start with a Designated Space

Before diving into home theater setup ideas, you’ll need to decide where you’ll put your theater room. If you want to turn it into a true experience, you’ll need a separate space that you don’t use for other things. A spare bedroom or basement could work, or you may decide that you need a home addition to really do it right.

2. Consider Soundproofing

You don’t want your neighbors constantly complaining about the noise and it’s probably not a good idea to disturb others in your home, either. Soundproofing your room with an extra layer of drywall or special sound-proofing wallboards will go a long way.

You may also consider replacing hollow-core doors with solid ones and hanging up thick curtains to absorb additional sound.

3. Choose Your Screen and Equipment

Choosing the right screen and home theater equipment is critical! While you’ll want to stick to a budget you can afford, it’s also important to get the highest quality gear you can. You’ll need a large 4K TV or a screen and projector.

Other items you’ll need to consider include an AV receiver, speakers and a subwoofer, or a soundbar. You may also want a Blu-ray player, streaming media player, and a universal remote. And, don’t forget the surge protector!

4. Control the Lighting

Of all the small home theater ideas, figuring out how to control the lighting is one of the most critical. You’ll need to be able to turn the lights on and off, dim them, and create a true theater ambiance.

Consider adding rope lights, soffits, and recessed lighting, and make sure everything is on a dimmer. Try to keep the majority of the lights behind the screen or television so they don’t detract from the viewing experience.

5. Add Comfortable Seating

Nobody wants to sit for hours in a space that isn’t comfortable. As you’re sorting through simple home theater ideas, make sure you set aside enough of a budget to purchase comfortable home theater seating. A three, six, or nine-seat recliner will work well in most home theater spaces.

Make sure the seating you choose is super comfortable, durable, and has cup holders. Not only will they look great, but this will ensure you’ll actually enjoy watching movies in your new home theater.

Bring Your Home Theater Ideas to Life

At CopeBUILT, we offer a variety of services to help you upgrade your home. If some of these simple home theater ideas appeal to you, we can turn them into a reality! Contact us today to discuss your vision and learn more about how we can help.