5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Custom Home Builder
Monday, May 24, 2021

No more worrying about rickety, old foundations or master bedrooms that are a little too cramped for comfort. With a custom home, you'll enjoy its many unique benefits, the primary one being ultimate satisfaction.

That's why it's vital to hire a home builder that's right for your project. With a great home builder, you'll partner with an expert that carries out your vision to its fullest potential.

But when looking around for a home builder, what should you look for? How do you know a builder will honor and perfect your vision?

Keep reading for 5 questions to ask your potential custom home builder. You'll have a handy checklist that ensures that your project is in good hands.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

For a project as important as building a custom home, you'll want an expert with experience. An experienced builder will have faced various, diverse challenges, giving them firsthand insight into what works and what doesn't. Every business starts somewhere, but there's a wisdom that's afforded only to years of experience.

This wisdom lets them know what risks to avoid and what choices optimize a build. Asking this question will also lessen your anxiety over the task. Make sure that your project is in capable, confident hands.

2. What Type Of Warranty Do You Offer?

No matter a home builder's level of expertise, their builds can go wrong. If they do, a warranty will save you an unnecessary financial headache.

Before your project's builder draws up any plans, ask them about what warranties they offer. A good, professional builder won't hesitate to give you options. This means that they're confident in the quality of their work and won't give you shoddy work for quick cash.

3. How Much Power Do I Have Over the Original Plans?

Your project's builder might draw up plans that thrill you immediately. But most likely, you'll want to add some input here and there. It is your custom-built home, after all.

A builder's job is to hone and carry out your vision as best as possible. You might have some home improvement ideas that'd enhance your living experience. Or you might not like an idea you initially agreed to.

Whatever the reason for possible changes, ask your project's builder how much input they'd welcome to the plans. Doing so will save the headache of negotiations and dissatisfaction down the road.

4. What's Makes You Different?

Custom home-building isn't a purely mechanical job. Different builders have different specialties and strengths, all of which determine their compatibility with your project.

Examine the builder's answers for the particular benefits of working with them. What do they excel at? Can they address your unique needs for your custom home?

5. How Long Will This Take?

You don't want your project's builder to estimate a short timeline since it isn't a sign of an ultra-efficient builder. In fact, it most likely means they view your project as an easy cash grab. This results in shabby work and a dangerous home to live in.

Otherwise, asking for a timeline gives you a schedule to abide by and a timetable to hold the project accountable. Of course, custom home-building is typically accompanied by delays, and you should prepare to accept them for quality work. Either way, knowing the project's timeline lets you mark your calendars and adequately prepare for move-in.

Partner with a Home Builder for Your Dream Home

Building a custom home means building a future specifically tailored for your family. Finding the best custom home builder for your project ensures that your family's needs are carefully engraved in your home's building plans.

At CopeBUILT, we pride ourselves on our stellar customer service and top-notch home improvement services. If you're on the market for a home builder that will make the best out of your vision, then check out our custom home-building services today!