5 Major Benefits of Vinyl Siding For Your Home
Friday, August 27, 2021

Are wood siding repairs cutting into your budget?

Kennett Square, Lincoln University, and West Grove residents experience humid summers and frigid winters. You need siding that can withstand rain, snow, storms, high humidity, and temperature changes.

Nearly 30% of new homes feature vinyl siding, saving homeowners more than 14% on AC and heating bills.

Vinyl also lasts twice as long as wood. With proper maintenance, it can last even longer than stucco.

Discover five more benefits of vinyl siding for your home.

1. It's Water and Moisture-Resistant

One of the biggest challenges with wood siding is that it's organic. Once it's waterlogged, it becomes a haven for bugs, mold, small animals, and more pests.

Vinyl siding is made from a plastic called PVC. In fact, its namesake is derived from its complete name, polyvinyl chloride.

Since vinyl is engineered plastic, it has durable water-resistant features, like weep holes that direct water away from your home during rainstorms.

Vinyl siding doesn't absorb humidity like old wood and stucco. Wood is more susceptible to warping, exposing the underside materials to moisture damage. Likewise, crumbling stucco is also a water damage risk.   When combined with a good quality house wrap, this is a great solution to manage water.   The house-wrap serves as your water control layer, and the siding protects the house-wrap from the ultra-violet rays which would otherwise degrade it's performance over time.

2. Versatile Vinyl Siding Styles

Many homeowners prefer the look of wood siding. It's timeless and classic. Thankfully, energy-efficient vinyl mimics the look of appealing wood panels and more.

Vinyl siding is versatile, coming in a spectrum of exterior colors, textures, and styles.

For example, a siding contractor can install the following vinyl panels:

  • Traditional lap
  • Clapboard
  • Dutch lap styles
  • Manufactured vinyl wood grain
  • Beaded seam
  • Vinyl cedar shake siding

Vinyl is also resistant to fading and staining, ensuring long-lasting curb appeal.

3. Hassle-Free Maintenance

Vinyl is nonporous, allowing for easy cleanup.

Of course, routine maintenance helps your vinyl siding look its best. A simple scrub down with soap and warm water does the trick. Water and vinegar also removes stains and mildew.

Aside from easy cleaning, check for cracks in old vinyl siding materials. Trim trees and bushes regularly to avoid any damages from debris too.

4. Stay Cozy in the Winter (Cool in the Summer!)

Homeowners in PA rely on quality heating to survive winter. Thus, every bit of heat loss counts. As more heat escapes, your HVAC system works even harder to keep your house toasty.

Siding heat loss occurs through the wall studs. Vinyl siding prevents this costly heat loss by adding an extra layer of protection over the studs.

Likewise, this same insulation traps cool air from escaping during summer.

5. Boost Your Home's Value

Do you want to sell your home soon?

New vinyl siding can increase home values by an impressive 63%, according to a recent report!

Even better, vinyl siding costs less than other materials, helping you maximize your final sale price.

Talk to a home builder in Lincoln University, West Grove, or Kennett Square about the best exterior upgrades for boosting property values.


Discover the Long-Lasting Benefits of Vinyl

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