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Top 10 Roof Problems that Require Repairs
Monday, October 4, 2021

Despite the Government mandating businesses shutdown after the COVID-19 pandemic which affected most commercial businesses, projections show that demand for roofing would grow by 0.2% per year.    If you are looking for a CLEAN roofing company who will protect both your home, and your garden and yard, then its time to call COPE... Learn about our protection practices here... 

Here are 10 of the most common reasons you may find yourself in need of roof repairs:

1. Roof Leaks

Many of the most common roof repairs come back to water leaking into the home. The roof system on your home can experience cracks and failures in the flashing or sealants used, broken shingles, lost aggregate, and other variations of damage that will allow water to seep in.  The Sun, rain, and hail can be relentless during seasonal extremes.  Sticking to regular roof maintenance, and routine inspections, clearing debris and looking for warning signs can help prevent any catastrophic leaking from occurring.

2. Sagging Gutters

Another common symptom that might prompt you to call for home roof repairs is when the gutters start to detach from the home. Gutters help to steer water into a downspout and away from the home's walls and foundations. When the gutters are blocked by debris, this can lead to extra weight that can then cause them to begin separating from the home.   Once the gutter screws or gutter spikes start to pull out of the fascia boards, water can get behind, and cause even more damage.   This can get into the rafter tails, and before long, its a major project to repair the damage. Cleaning out the gutters often should be a part of your typical roof management.  We cover Gutters, Downspouts and Underground Drainage Systems in this blog article. 

3. Pooled Water

If you have a flat roof, there is the risk of water pooling and sitting for long periods of time. This can lead to rot or give the water a better chance of seeping through cracks. A common fix to repair the roof in this instance is to form tapered areas to help pitch water away to the edges.

4. Holes or Punctures

For various reasons, sometimes your roof can get a puncture or hole. Once this happens, the underlying wood is then exposed to the elements and can begin to rot and fall apart. You'll want to address this water damage and its root cause before it becomes much more serious.

5. Improper Ventilation

Vents allow a roof and home to breathe. There should be vents around the roof edges, gables, and ridges. These vents allow heat to escape in the summer, and in colder months help the extra warmth from heaters to flow out and prevent any trapped moisture building up.  You can learn more in these blog posts on attic insulation and ventilation

6. Roof Shrinkage

Certain types of roofing material can sometimes experience shrinkage. When this happens, it can lead to deterioration of the wood beneath the roof or even pull apart flashing. This problem most often occurs with roofs made of EPDM (a synthetic rubber membrane).

7. Snow or Ice Damage

Over the years, snow and ice can cause havoc on a roof. When snow and ice melt, the water slowly seeps underneath the shingles. The real danger is when it refreezes, pushing up against the shingles or flashing and creating gaps.

8. Tree Damage

Sometimes, a storm can blow through and cause tree limbs or an entire tree to collapse atop your roof. Even a branch rubbing against the roof on a breezy day can create damage over time. If you have any trees that are close to your home, it's recommended that you trim them back to reduce any home hazards.  Here's a video from a job where a HUGE tree branch fell through the roof and here is another project where some straight line winds dropped a branch which punched a hole in the roof in the rear of the home. 

9. Cracks or Blistering

Roofs experience wear and tear over time. This can lead to cracks and blisters forming on the roof. Repairs should address these issues before they spiral into bigger problems.

10. Local Wildlife

Sometimes, roofs attract critters that will tear out roofing material to help insulate their nests. The easiest solution to prevent this problem is to trim back any nearby trees. This removes easy access to the rooftop for animals.

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