The Benefits and Options for Upgrading Siding
Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Like any part of your home's exterior, your vinyl siding will eventually need to be replaced with new siding or an alternative material. Since the material you choose can dramatically worsen or improve your home's appearance, it's worth taking time to think over your options when upgrading siding.

To help you make the right choice, we'll go over the benefits of upgrading your siding while providing some exciting alternatives that you may not have thought of. Let's begin.

Benefits of Upgrading Siding

Old vinyl siding may harbor mold and water damage. It's easy to overlook because siding hides the water-related damage. Replacing your siding can leave your home in better shape.

Old siding could leave your home's wooden structure susceptible to dry rot. Over time, the rot can eat away at the wood that supports your home. To protect your home from rot, you can schedule a home repair inspection with one of our contractors.

One of the benefits of upgrading siding is reducing your electricity bill. If you are noticing that it is more difficult to maintain your home's temperature, worn siding could be the culprit.

Finally, replacing your siding can improve your home's curb appeal. Vinyl siding is continually evolving.

Siding that may have looked great in the 1980s may look dated now. If you choose to replace your vinyl siding with another material, you can enjoy the benefits of a more modern-looking home.

What Are My Upgrade Options?

When it comes to siding, most people think of vinyl. Vinyl is inexpensive, but if you choose to upgrade vinyl siding, you have several options. Cedar lap, for example, looks great but may not last as long as you hoped.

Among popular siding upgrade ideas, fiber cement siding should be a strong consideration. If you are worried about the cost of siding upgrade, you should remember that this option — while more expensive — will last many years longer than other siding options.

Alternatives of Siding

If you are considering siding upgrade ideas, alternatives should be an option. For example, stone and brick veneer can completely change the appearance of your home, especially if you couple that upgrade with stonework around your home.

Engineered wood siding offers an inexpensive alternative to wooden clapboards. The panels look just like real hardwood.

Corrugated metal may be associated with barns and industrial spaces, but it can also bring unique characteristics to your home. For the adventurous homeowner, going with metal can offer the chance to revamp your home.

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