What to Expect when Home Improvement Contractors Install New Flooring
Monday, December 20, 2021

Have you been wanting or even needing to have the flooring in your home replaced? Maybe you're someone who wants a more aesthetic floor, or maybe your previous floor was damaged by a nearby flood or other natural disaster.

Whatever your reason may be, installing new flooring can be a daunting task simply because many people don't know what to expect.

The good thing is that if you work with the right home improvement contractors, your floor replacement or installation process will go smoothly. Interested in learning more about what to expect? Keep reading for some additional information about home renovation.

How The Process Goes

The first step towards floor installation or replacement is to, obviously, make the decision to improve your home! You've probably heard it millions of times, but your house really reflects your unique personality. If you feel like the flooring in your house just isn't working for you (or for any other reason), then it's time for a change!

Once you made the decision, all you have to do is find a flooring specialist. We here at Cope Built have worked with hundreds of customers looking to make adjustments to their home, be it flooring, roofing, or any other project.

To get a sense of how we work, we invite you to take a look at our reviews on our company Facebook page.

Next, you'll get an estimate for your flooring. Prices do vary depending on a multitude of factors, which will be covered later. We make estimates super easy for you to comprehend by using our Virtual Estimate System (VES).

You can learn more about it here, as well as how to get in contact with a VES specialist! After that, the paperwork and filing will be finished, and we'll work with you to schedule a day for your flooring installation. We'll then provide you with details on what to expect, then get straight to work!

What Can You Expect To Pay

Flooring prices depend on how many square feet you'll be installing or replacing. It also depends on the material you'll be installing.

Carpet is about $1-6/square foot, whereas basic hardwood floors can run about $6-12/square foot. Other materials linger in and out of those ranges. It's important to check with local costs of material, as well as that might change!

Benefits of New Flooring

If you need some inspiration to replace or install new flooring, why not look towards some of the home improvement benefits of installing new flooring?

For starters, you can get rid of carpet or wood stains (or other blemishes) simply by installing a new floor! New floor installation is also great for people with pets, especially if you previously had carpet.

A new floor can even save you time and money! Materials like carpets get damaged very easily, and can pile up on stains and smells. Getting a new material for your floor can prevent this, or simply just make the process easier to clean and manage.

Get In Touch With Home Improvement Contractors

Are you ready to set up an appointment for floor installation and have the house of your dreams? There's much more to know about the floor installation process and its benefits, but those will be covered by you during your consultation.

If you want more information or feel ready to schedule your estimate, go ahead and contact us today or check out our blog! We'll have you in touch with the best home improvement contractors that money can buy you.