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Beginning a New Siding Project
Thursday, March 24, 2022

This Forever Home transformation is a testament to the skill and expertise of our incredible team! 
On a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Pennsylvania, our team is getting ready to start one of our new exterior renovation jobs. This job is going to be a complete exterior around siding windows. Doors are staying, the roof is staying, but new siding, new windows, trim packages inside those windows, and a very distinctive cedar shake going on the exterior of this house.
This is going to be gorgeous when it's done. In the above video, we take a quick walk around the house to give you an idea of where this project is starting.
We are starting in the back of the house and working our way around the side. We will sequence our window delivery and all of those different pieces to coincide with the areas of the house as we make our way around. We will do a beautiful stone facade across the front of the house and around just below the level of the siding. This stone facade will give the front a very distinctive look.
On the back, we will be replacing windows and installing a new ledge board for them across to where the deck will go. We will then run siding around that since there will be a deck there at some point here in the future. We will make the octagon window larger and add an opaque-range rain shower, opaque glass there for the bathroom.
Suppose you're considering some exterior or interior renovations around your house. Our team does it all from roofing, siding, windows, doors, decks, finished basements, kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations or plumbing, electrical, dry wheels, back-on repairs inside. There's no part of your house that we can assist you with.
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