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Journeyman Carpenter, Master Craftsman Job Opening
Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Journeyman Carpenter, Master Carpenter Wanted in West Grove, Cochranville, Oxford, or Kennett Square, PA.

Full time $40,000 to 70,000 / year

Are you exhausted, tired of running your own business, responding to customers at all hours of the day and night with your cell phone constantly ringing, and you're never able actually to get any work done? Is the stress keeping you up at night and taking its toll on your family? Are you working tirelessly all year, with little profit at the end to show for it?
Our team is expanding. We're looking for a clean, experienced, customer-focused, family-friendly, highly-skilled, multiple disciplinary contractors to join our team to help us continue to provide Outstanding Customer Service Experiences for our clients.
Are you ready to go back to working for somebody else who can take care of the red-tape, government regulations, insurance requirements, business paperwork and all the rest of the headaches, allowing you to focus on using your skills and craftsmanship to complete projects that you can be proud to have accomplished? We urge you to consider joining the CopeBUILT team!
Our typical services include:
  • residential home repairs, 
  • remodels, 
  • renovations,
  • new construction work,
  • framing, plumbing, 
  • electrical, 
  • drywall, 
  • kitchen remodeling, 
  • bathroom renovation, 
  • finished basements, 
  • roofing, 
  • siding, 
  • windows, 
  • doors, 
  • decks, 
  • cabinetry, 
  • tile work, 
  • laminate flooring,
  • trim, 
  • and crown molding.
No smoking!
No cussing!
We provide a fair hourly rate that is determined based on experience, skill set, vehicle, toolset, work ethic, and attitude.
Please call our office 484-748-7708, ext 6 and ask about our application and hiring process. We look forward to connecting with you soon.