Top Considerations and Benefits of Adding an In-Law Suite
Monday, May 16, 2022

Over the last fifty years, the number of multigenerational homes doubled, reversing a trend. But, to accommodate this broad range of needs under one roof, many homeowners found that it's necessary to make some modifications.

If this sounds familiar and you're interested in learning more about adding a mother-in-law (or father-in-law suite,) this guide is for you. Continue reading to learn more about what to consider when adding an in-law suite and the top benefits of this addition.

Decide Which Type of Mother-In-Law Suite Is Right for You

There are two main types of in-law suite. They could be attached or incorporated into the main home or separate as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU.) Incorporated spaces are often in the basement or a converted first floor. Garages are another popular conversion for both attached and ADU spaces.

You should think about which would work best considering your home's existing configuration and your long-term needs.

Consider Accessibility Needs

When drafting in-law suite floor plans, keep in mind the possible needs of older adults. This is because it's easier to build these necessities into the environment during construction rather then adding them on later. You may want to include grab bars in the bathroom or a walk-in tub.

Accessibility should also be planned for when choosing the location and type of suite. For example, you might want to avoid any spots that would involve tight corridors where you can't easily maneuver a walker or stairs, which would prevent those with mobility issues from accessing other floors.

In-Law Suites Add Functional Versatility

The best part of an in-law suite addition is that when it's complete, you have a space that can meet many needs. The nature of these types of additions is that they are often fully self-contained. This makes them the perfect space to host anyone you want to keep nearby while still maintaining privacy and independence.

Adult kids transitioning from college or friends visiting from out-of-town are all guests who would make good use of your in-law suite. If you're not an avid host, you could enjoy the space as an office, library, or lounge space.

Adding an In-Law Suite Is a Great Investment

One of the top benefits of an in-law suite is the potential return on your investment. As the multigenerational home trend continues, the demand for in-law suites will rise. This can put you in a prime position to recoup a portion of your investment.

And, if the space is vacant and meets your local requirements for a rental property, you can rent it out and generate a passive income stream.

Ready to Add an In-Law Suite?

When you're ready to start your in-law suite build, thoroughly vet the professionals you hire to complete the job. An easy way to do this is by checking local reviews and asking for proof of registration and insurance.

At CopeBUILT, we have decades of experience providing quality home improvement in Lincoln University PA and have the fans to prove it. And, for your safety and full project compliance, we're registered and insured in the state of Pennsylvania (PA88078.)

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