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Quick Update at the End of the Day on the Siding
Friday, July 8, 2022

Good evening, friends! Drew here on a beautiful Friday evening as we wrap things up for the week on this exterior project that we're working on in New London, Pennsylvania.
We've got a new house wrapped across the front here. We've replaced some OSB sheathing pieces underneath the windows' edges where water had eaten away at the bottom.
Next week I'm going to pick up a longer hose bib, and we'll get that reinstalled back where it needs to be through those AZAC blocks ready for the stone. We've got new house wrap on these two sections.
On Monday morning, we'll have a couple of guys on-site working in different places. We're replacing eight windows on the front and nine in the middle, including the bay window. We'll have a third crew working on the back of the house and someone inside working on the trim.
Our customers picked out what we're going to do for window casing. It looks like we will be picture framing all the way around. So we've got two different sizes we're doing. We're doing two and a quarter on certain rooms of the house that aren't as important, and we're doing three and a quarter on most of the first floor and in the master and some other places where they're going to see it more often. So that'll be a fun little project.
We have to do extension jams here on this upper window. We're going to double-check that. Things will be absolutely beautiful when all is said and done.
We have lots of activities planned to happen on Monday, so this will be exciting to watch things start to come together. You're not going to see a lot from the front of the house, but I'm hoping the time-lapse cameras will capture that on the back of things and that we'll be getting some good video that we can show you from that part of the project.
Once we start coming up the first floor, we have some garage capping to replace, and then we'll begin working over the gable ends. We're going to seal up these gable vents on top and lock them off. We're forcing the roof system to draw air through the soffits and up instead of allowing it to steal it from this end where you're not getting effective temperature moderation down here on the lower part of the roof. Our guys are getting rid of all the debris and loading the trailer. We'll be back in here on Monday. It's going to be super exciting. I can't wait to show you the finished product when this is all said and done!