Window Flashing, Where to Start Your Siding, and How to Hide the Idiosyncrasies That Come Up
Monday, July 18, 2022

We'll show you some of the interior trim that some guys have been working on.
We've got some windowsills in place. Rather than cutting those off at a slight angle and putting them in, we're mitering those corners so you get that full edge detail. We're also cutting returns on the aprons going underneath the window sills. And then, of course, putting the trim all the way around.
We've got the detail done on the kitchen window. Michael did an excellent job on that. Kudos to him! He's done a phenomenal job on the inside.
I want to show you some of the detail on the bay window. You can see the foam backer rod our guys have put in there. We've added some adhesive sealant around the window to help the air sealing on the inside edge of these windows. We've done that on every window in the house.
This allows water to run down under that nail fin, which is more efficient.
We found water damage at the j-channels where water had found its way behind the OSB. We're making changes so that the water has a path to get out. Part of that is using aluminum flashing so that water will go where we want it to without damaging the house. So we're forcing everything away from the interior, giving the client peace of mind.
This house is on a hill, so a tremendous amount of wind blows through the front lawn. We want to make sure that no drafts coming through. We're building a better defense against strong winds with high-quality windows and extra sealant.
We're transferring a line around the house where the siding meets the stone and cement stoop. We also need to consider the lines as we use different vinyl colors as an accent.
We like the corner posts, which include water channels and reinforcing corners. The customer said that the wind used to blow so hard that it would rattle the entire house. We're satisfied that once we finish, that will no longer be a problem. These corner posts nest together, so the post doesn't get behind the ice and water shield.
It's a bit of a process considering all these calculations to ensure everything fits together as best as possible. As we bring the siding around, we want things to meet in the right place! Most clients use cedar shake siding as an accent, but this home is completely covered in cedar shake! So we want to get this right.