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Wrapping up the New Screened in Deck, Almost Complete
Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The ceiling is up, the fascia is trimmed, and we're putting siding on the gable.
As we wrap up on our screened-in porch series here in West Grove, PA, remember we were putting blocking in the wall for the television and electrical outlet. The guys have finished wrapping the corner to ensure everything is where it needs to be. We've capped it with aluminum. The j-channel is right up against the metal. That gives us a beautiful finished edge and works with where the screen track will be.

We've finished getting the ceiling up. We're waiting on the customer to decide whether they want a ceiling fan.

Now we move on to the outside. Norm and German have their house wrap taped. We're connected to the rakeboard flashing, so it's very continuous. That's so water that comes down stays on the outside.

We've got our ice and water shield up across the beam lap down over the front edge. Then we'll cover that with some AZAC, some siding, and some different layers, so it all comes together. Everything works together to ensure water gets pushed out and can't get to the wood, where it can cause damage.

Over here, we've got a ventilated soffit to allow airflow into the ceiling. Our fascia capping is complete all the way around. We're almost ready to start measuring for the screen room product.

It's slowly but surely coming together! We still have a few more finishing details before we can put the lights up. We've passed the electrical inspection, and we'll have to do a final inspection when everything is said and done.

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