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How do I contact the team at Cope Construction and Renovation?
Step 4: Connecting with our team, our business hours, our communication channels, and what's going on behind the scenes.
Thursday, June 16, 2022

The first 3 milestones along this home improvement journey are typically steps that homeowners take on their own before they ever speak to a contractor.   That's not to say that on occasion, we haven't had a homeowner see us working on a neighbor's home, which prompts a conversation that bypasses those first 3 steps, but that's more of an exception, rather than a regular occurence.   Step 4 is where you take action to pick up the phone or send a message online to start a conversation with our team.

FACEBOOK MESENGER : www.CopeBUILT.com/fbMessenger

OFFICE PHONE : 484-748-7708
That conversation typically starts when a potential client asks one of the following questions...
-- I'd like to get an estimate for a bathroom renovation.
-- Can we schedule a time for someone to come to my home to look at my kitchen?
-- I have a roof leak. Shingles blew off my roof.  My pipe collar is leaking. What is your availability to repair this?
-- Do you charge for estimates?  Can I get a free estimate?
-- We'd like to build an addition for my parents to move in.  Is $150,000 a reasonable budget?
-- Can I get a quote to replace our decking?
-- We'd like to remove a wall and expand our kitchen.  Do you offer this service?

But the most helpful question and answer we rarely hear in the first phone call, is the answer to the following questions:
-- Why do you want to improve your home? 
-- Why this renovation? 
-- Why now?   
-- What are your goals for this upgrade?   
-- How long have you been thinking about this?  Dreaming about this?     
-- How long do you plan to continue living in this home and enjoying your new space? 

As we work with you to design the renovation or remodel of your dream, the answers to the WHY questions actually do a better job of helping us develop a scope of work, and make selections and appropriate design decisions in keeping with your Target Renovation Budget, than many of the other conversation starters that most clients, who haven't experienced a home renovation process, are more likely to use in that first phone call.   Our team is focused on helping you enjoy the entire home renovation Journey and serving as your Guide to help ensure an outstanding experience that other contractors can't, don't and won't provide.   Gandalf can share with you little more about that in this quick video.  

The old adage of  "always get three bids" or "get multiple quotes and throw away the high and the low number and then flip a coin to pick one of the middle numbers" sadly, no longer serves as an effective way to avoid being taken advantage of and protect yourself from getting ripped off.   We've heard countless stories of a Chuck-in-a-Truck wanna-be contractor who offered a low-ball or mid-range number to win the job, and then halfway through the project, confessed to the homeowner that "he forgot to include some materials and he's going to need an extra $5000 to finish the job."  Or the guy who has to go sell another job, and take another deposit, robbing from Peter to pay Paul, to give himself the money to finish your job.  Moreover, there are SO many design decisions that each contractor "bidding" your job is going to make... based on their assumptions about what you want, its going to be impossible to compare the quotes because each design and set of materials selected is completely different.   We'll talk more about these challenges in our Target Renovation Budget video in Step 6.... and we'll explain what a LEGITIMATE contractor will include in their contract for residential work, as required by law in the state of Pennsylvania in Step 8.

When you reach out to our team, we'll ask you for your contact details (address, phone & email), some details about your project, and we'll ask you send us some photos so that our Project Consultants can get a sense for your space. 
Let's continue the journey with Step 5: "our Virtual Estimate System" so that you can understand what we plan to do next with the details you provide.

Step 1: Decide you want to improve your home.
Step 2: Search for a Contractor or learn about us from friends and neighbors or on social media.
Step 3: Read our reviews on Facebook and Google Maps.
Step 4: Contact us with details about your project.
Step 5: VES: Virtual Estimate System, Ballparking your repair, renovation, addition or new construction project.
Step 6: TRB: Target Renovation Budget, dialing in on what features and finishes are most important
Step 7: OSC: On-Site Consultation, Design, or Proposal Meetings
Step 8: Review a Formal Quote or our Home Improvement Agreement
Step 9: Finish your due diligence in screening us...
Step 10: Sign the Agreement and return it with your Deposit
Step 11: Scheduling the work
Step 12: Preparing for your renovation
Step 13: What to Expect during your remodel
Step 14: The Big Reveal


What type of work does COPE provide? Our team is experienced in all manner of new home design and construction, additions, garages, renovations and remodels, along with all types of home repairs. We can assist you with Kitchens, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, New Construction, Custom Homes, Drywall, Plumbing, Electrical work, Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing, Exteriors, mysterious water leaks and more... What Problem can we SOLVE for you?

We're your local team! When we're finished, you'll be proud to say, "It's not just done... It's #CopeBUILT!

COPE Construction and Renovation is a registered and insured Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor. PA88078. We look forward to serving you soon!