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Tips To Help Prevent Renovation Fatigue
Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Many people don't realize how many decisions come with doing a renovation. Most see the before and imagine the after picture but don't consider the progress that happens in the middle.

And that can lead to renovation fatigue. Making all those decisions and living in a renovation zone can quickly become tiring to many homeowners. Still, you must power through or risk having an unfinished kitchen or a half-done bathroom.

But how can you power through when you're ready to call it quits? Here are a few tips to help you prevent renovation fatigue before it sets in.

What Is Renovation Fatigue?

When you start a renovation, you often underestimate how many decisions are needed. From big ones like the layout to small decisions like drawer pulls, it can quickly get tiring.

And when you live through a home renovation, fatigue can really set in. Not only are you making renovation decisions, but at any given moment, you might be without a wall, door, or flooring. Not to mention dealing with the dust from construction. All of this is enough to make anyone want to call off a remodel.

Get Out of Your House

First, get out of your house. It's the one place that's causing you stress, so take some time to get away. Take a night to eat at your favorite restaurant or grab a drink at a bar. Some time away can help take the pressure off.

Don't Be Afraid to Take Some Time Off

Living through a renovation is difficult. But you don't have to complete it all at once. Get to a place where the space is usable, then take some time off the renovation. After a few weeks, you might feel refreshed to start again.

Complete Small DIYs

With a big renovation, it can seem like the end is never in sight. Completing small DIY can make you feel like you're making progress. Whether they're cosmetic projects or decor for once it's finished, little DIYs can make big remodels more manageable.

Simply Plow Through

In some cases, you might just have to do it. Finishing a renovation can be incredibly tiring, but plowing through will ensure you make it to the end. Just take a deep breath and push through it.

Get Inspiration

Seeing other finished spaces and renovation ideas can help inspire you to reach the finish line. Take a look online at finished kitchens, bathrooms, and bedroom suites. Or visit friends who recently finished a project. You'll be excited to finish your own home.

A Beautiful Space Is Right Around the Corner

You've been dreaming of a new bathroom or kitchen or expanded living room. But first, you have to get through the renovation. Unfortunately, that means making decisions.

Whether they're small or large, making tons of decisions can easily lead to renovation fatigue. It's hard to imagine the end when a renovation is consuming you. But there are ways through renovation fatigue.

A beautiful space can be right around the corner when you start your renovation with Cope Construction and Renovation. Learn more about us to start your renovation today!