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Total Exterior Transformation with new Windows & Siding
This before and after turned our client's home into the envy of the neighborhood, and transformed their home into an estate they ENJOY coming home to! Does your home give you JOY when you get home each day?
Friday, September 30, 2022

When it comes to maintaining, protecting and improving your Forever Home, there are few aspects that are more important than your exterior cladding along with your doors and windows.    Martin, and Kelly, our amazing clients in New London, PA, hired Cope Construction and Renovation to address a number of concerns they had with their dream house.  Several windows had broken seals which led to a foggy haze of moisture developing between the panes of glass. 

Is the Exterior of Your home
Falling Apart and Ready for a Facelift?

With the house situated at the top of the hill, facing the brutal onslaught of the winds and storms from the west, drafts were a major issue.   When the wind blew, everything rattled and the house sounded like it was coming apart.   They were tired of the plain white dutchlap siding, and were looking to transform their home into an estate they WANTED to come home to. Our team removed the old siding... installed new house-wrap... waterproofed the rough openings for the windows, installed new Andersen woodwright 400 series windows featuring clean scene screen technology, air-sealed and trimmed each one, installed new Cedar Impressions siding in a two tone color scheme that gave the house a very dramatic appearance with the Cedar Shake look, and the thicker, sturdier vinyl, and finished it off with new aluminum capping, and a beautiful stone foundation.    Our team has done an amazing job!   

Check out the before and after video here, and you can enjoy all 16 episodes documenting and explaining the whole process, behind the scenes, from start to finish in our Forever Home Mini-Series on this exterior renovation, available now on YouTube!
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