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Internships and Job Shadowing Opportunities available!
Thursday, December 8, 2022

Who do you know who is mechanically inclined and thinking about a rewarding career in the skilled building trades???  Our Team at Cope COPE Construction and Renovation is ready to train the next generation of Professional Craftsmen!


STOP!  This opportunity is for motived, self-starters who demonstrate a solid work-ethic, and who can communicate well in an intelligent phone conversation.   Parents calling on behalf of their passive, lazy, indifferent kids, and those looking to hide behind a text-to-apply opportunity, need not waste their time.

Call our Human Resources Department to discuss your future with COPE. Want to learn more about a career in the skilled building trades?  Check out our playlist on that topic on YouTube..

Mike Rowe says that for every 5 master craftsmen who retire each year, only 2 new apprentices join the skilled trades to replace them.  These jobs are in high demand, and today is a GREAT time to get started.