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Are you suffering through Chronic Roof Leak Problems on Penns Manor Drive in Kennett Square, PA ?
In this article, we'll give you a video tour of some of the most frequent complaints we hear from Residents of Penns Manor Drive, in Kennett and share with you the simple solutions to resolve those leaks.
Monday, March 20, 2023

Do you own a home on Penns Manor Drive in Kennett Square? 

Over the past 12 years, we've received a number of calls reporting roof leaks in this quite little suburban townhome community just west of downtown Kennett.  It didn't take us long to start noticing a pattern, where the same concerns and causes for the leaks began showing up over and over and over again.   In this article and the associated videos, we're going to show you the most common causes of roof leaks in homes on Penns Manor Drive and what we can do to address those for you.    That's next on this edition of "Forever Home." Here we go! [snap]

Roof Replacement due to Wind Damage, Pipe Collars are showing their age.

In this video, we show you the progress on a roof replacement project for one of these units.   Drew also shares some of the problematic patterns we've observed from downspouts draining onto the roof.  We'll talk about the high wind nailing recommendations for shingles.   Drew will explain the challenges with the black flashing above the garage roofs where it meets the brick. 
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Chronic Roof Leak Problems on Penns Manor Drive, in Kennett Square, PA

The new roof installation is complete.  We'll show you the end result including applying the sacrificial boots to the pipe flashing boots or Pipe Collars.   We'll talk about the Life-time boots.    If your unit is 8 to 15 years old, then its time to have your pipe collars checked, and we'd recommend adding sacrificial boots to extend their life.  Give our office a call to discuss a roof inspection, our other services to protect your home.   Then we'll take you down the ladder and show you up close the problems with the downspouts draining onto the roofs in this community. Third, we'll explore the black metal flashing challenges occurring where there garage roofs meet the brick second floor walls. 

Another roof repair in the Valleys on Penns Manor Drive, in Kennett Square, PA

On this service call, we find that the corners weren't trimmed off the under-shingles in the valley, a couple of nail pops, and a hooked framing nail sticking up through the roof.   Lets show you wants going on, and then we'll include a more detailed video on the clipped corners issue.  
This photo album from our facebook page walks you through a complete garage roof replacement on Penns Manor Drive.  Water damage was discovered after years of the downspout from the upper roof, draining onto the lower roof, was found to have worn away the shingle stones and was soaking into the plywood roof decking and damaging the drywall ceiling in the garage below.  


Did your roofers, CUT CORNERS, when they installed your valley shingles?

Frankly, you'd better hope so!  Wait, what?   Drew diagnoses a roof leak and explains why its critical to cut the valley corners.  Water is relentless, and if your roofer gave it a horizontal path to travel, then its possible the next deluge we receive could result in water finding a way into your Forever Home.   Water can be pumped and pushed horizontally, until it finds a gap in the shingles or the underlayment that allows it to get into your attic space, and drip down onto your drywall ceilings.  Watch this video to learn more, and ask any roofing contractors you are interviewing to explain to you how they trim and finish a closed valley before you sign a contract with them. 
Here's another example from Jennersville Pennsylvania where a careless roofer was rushing at the end of the job, and ran his knife through the brand-new shingles, and failed to clip the corners in the valley as required by the shingle manufacturers installation instructions. 


Are metal ridge vents allowing rain and snow into your attic? 

Lets talk about the cheap metal ridge vents. The rubber caps can fall out of the end. As the metal expands and contracts, it can work the nails loose. The sealant on the nail heads can fail over time.  And when you call a roofing contractor to make a repair, often, they do little more than smear some adhesive goo to hopefully keep the water out for a for more months.   Here's a video.


There are lots of reasons why we don't like these metal ridge vents.

Our preference is to give you a quote for our team to remove the metal ridge vents, and apply a shingle-over ridge vent in its place.  This video explains a little more about those products.


Why do pipe collars and roof pipe flashing leak?

In this video from Kelton PA, Drew walks you through the process of carefully disassembling the shingle roof system, in order to remove the old leaking pipe collars, install a new one, and seal everything up as we put it back together.  Join us for a tour of the pipe collar replacement process.
As a standard practice on any new roofs we install, we always install sacrificial boots during our final inspection of our crew's work.   In this video, we did an inspection for a homeowner who did not realize that she had sacrificial boots, and we'll show you what a great job they did, in protecting the original pipe collars.  Here's why we highly recommend hiring Cope Construction to install sacrificial boots for you, as a preventive measure, before your Pipe Collars start leaking. 

Are your gutters & downspouts DESTROYING your Brand New Roof? 

BEFORE: Why we hard-pipe downspouts into gutters


AFTER: Why we hard-pipe downspouts into gutters


Are your downspouts destroying your roof?


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