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Need a Flat Roof Contractor in Unionville PA? Call Cope!
EPDM or Rubber Roof installations can fail if they are installed improperly. In this episode, Drew walks you through a porch Flat-Roof repair.
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
EPDM Flat Roof Contractor near West Grove, PA 19390

Decades ago, flat roofs covered in EPDM rubber roofing were only found in commercial applications.   More recently there is a trend to use these products in the residential market where decks are installed on top of living space, or in the case of a decorative front porch with a flat top featuring a railing.  In this first video, we show you the wood repair from the damaged caused. It appears the original installer used a petroleum based sealant on the railing bolts, which prematurely ate the rubber and caused the leak.

In this second video, we show you the after photos, and talk a little more about the right kind of sealant for any penetrations that must be made in EPDM roofing.

If you have a Flat-roof and you are looking for a roofing contractor to diagnose some problems with it, or simply a roofer to replace the EPDM membrane, take some photos and give our team a call 484-748-7708. We look forward to serving you soon!
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